Earth's Natural Wonders - BBC 2 Series 2 - Producer/ Director India. In Assam I covered the story of human / elephant wildlife conflict among the tea plantations. Domesticated ‘Kunkie' elephants and their mahouts backed up by anti depredation squads are used to drive the wild elephants away from villages and crops. Much of the action happens in highly volatile conditions and at night, making this an extremely challenging and at times dangerous shoot in difficult terrain. In Tamil Nadu, I filmed a rural community initiative project run by the Irula, following a husband and wife team as they catch by hand the most venomous snakes in India. The snakes are milked for their venom before being released.  TX late 2017.

From Cubs to Kings 1 x 60 Producer/ Director one hour long term film following the rescue of two abused lion cubs from Spain and their journey to South Africa where they will live out their days under the care of ‘lion whisperer’ Kevin Richardson. Shot over 2 years we follow the trials and tribulations as they mentally and physically recover from their ordeal and learn to ‘become lions’, while documenting their growing relationship with Kevin. Through their story, the film also touches on the unethical abuse of lion cubs in the tourist petting industry and illegal wildlife trade. TMFS and Discovery, Kingdom Films 2014 – 2017

Africa's Great Civilizations –  Director Ethiopia and Sudan for this landmark 6 part history series for PBS. Hosted by Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. this series is a journey through two hundred thousand years of history from the origins, on the African continent, of art, writing and civilisation itself, revealing how Africa and Africans shaped not only their own rich civilizations, but also those of the wider world. Nutopia, 2015 – 2016. TX Feb 2017

Poles Apart - Development Producer 10 x 1 hr blue chip exploring the planet's two great extremities, the Arctic and Antarctica. 

Water Worlds 3D – Development Producer/ Location Director for this 3D Giant Screen, multi million dollar, theatrical release film, exploring the importance of life in freshwater across three continents. I oversaw the production of the promo, full technical recce’s and story and script development while embarking on a highly technically difficult caving shoot in China. Passion Planet 2015.

Killer IQ: Lion vs. Hyena Series Producer/ Director 2 x 60 films for Smithsonian, TMFS and AP exploring social behaviour in lions and hyenas, two social apex carnivores that have evolved in the same ecosystem but have strikingly different behaviour and physical traits. A series of challenging cognition trials and puzzles are set alongside natural history footage filmed in South Africa. This highly ambitious series features world first trials led by leading wildlife biologists. Presented by Kevin Richardson. Kingdom Films 2014.

Meerkats - Secrets of an Animal Superstar. Producer/ Director, Natural World BBC2 1 x 60 Natural History documentary exploring 20 years of behavioural research into these charismatic and entertaining mammals. A combination of blue chip natural history behaviour shot over the course of a year and actuality of field trials, experiments and interviews in the Kalahari desert. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough Oxford Scientific Films 2012 – 2013.

The Hunt for Hitler’s Missing Millions – Director 1 x 60 docu drama and documentary, Smithsonian Channel, Channel 5 UK. The secret story of the discovery of Hitler’s Will and what happened to his estate, told by the German Jewish refugee alive today who discovered the document being smuggled across Germany. TVT Productions 2013 –2014.

Lions on the Move - 2 x 60 Animal behaviorist Kevin Richardson is tasked moving 27 lions, 14 hyenas and four black leopards to a new sanctuary. See how these wild animals are prepared for their new lives in a new reserve and follow Kevin's fight to gain the right permits before the animals eventually arrive in their new home. TMFS/ Discovery/ Smithsonian

Development Shoot Gabon – In August 2013 I spent a month living in a very remote corner of Gabon filming various wildlife ideas. Daily encounters with forest elephants and great apes on foot, no running water or electricity made for a challenging but incredible experience. Kingdom Films 2013

Lions on the Move - 2 x 53 observational doc following the challenges Kevin Richardson faces as he moves 28 lions, 4 leopards and 13 hyenas to a new sanctuary in South Africa. Filmed over 6 months. Arte/ TMFS. Kingdom Films, South Africa 2012.

Mankind: The Story of All of Us – History Channel, Director. Epic, adventure, action packed, big budget series using high end docu drama, CGI and interviews to bring to life a journey through humankind’s history. I directed 4 of the 12 episodes, the 1600’s to the modern day, covering topics as diverse as the Salem Witch Trials, the rubber wars of the Congo, the Age of Enlightenment, the sinking of the Titanic, the American Civil War and the nitrogen farming revolution. Nutopia 2011/ 2012

Jubilee Campaign, Kuwait Fund for Development – Director 6 x 30’ sec broadcast commercials, short films and photography campaign for international channels to celebrate their 50th Anniversary. Filmed around the world including Uzbekistan, The Gambia, Sudan, Vietnam and Egypt. McKinnon Films 2011

The Lion Ranger 3 x 60 Nat Geo Wild producer/ director Kevin Richardson's radical approach means he has one of the most astonishing personal bonds with big cats known to date. He is able to live with them, sleep curled up with them, swim with lionesses, caress cubs and tussle with males. This exciting and touching series will take viewers on a journey to the stunning African wilderness, giving them an exclusive insight into the life of the real Lion Whisperer. Renegade Pictures 2011

Search for Sasquatch (WT) 1 x 90 History Channel/ Discovery Canada High end event documentary using drama, studio debate and obs doc to explore the idea that bigfoot could be a missing hominid or ape species, and if so how would it survive and evolve? Led by expert biologists, anthropologists and palaeontologists. I directed the drama elements on location in Canada with special effects and CGI. Dangerous Films 2010


Monsters of the Mind (WT) 3 x 60 Animal Planet US Development producer of a science series looking at sleep and brain disorders that trigger hallucinations. The series also explores phylogenetics, where dreaming is directly related to evolution and self -defence instincts needed to survive in our waking lives Firecracker Films 2010.

Banged Up Abroad, Conned in Quito, National Geographic/ FIVE Director – a woman is wrongly convicted of drug smuggling in Ecuador after being set up by a personal friend, shot on location in Ecuador, Ghana and London. Docu-drama. Raw Television 2009

The Python Hunters, Nat Geo Wild USA 3 x 60 Development Producer, commissioned obs doc series set in the Everglades following a group of reptile experts as they hunt down Burmese Pythons, an alien species causing havoc in this delicate co – system. The series also explores the invasive species' predator-prey relationships. Cineflix Productions 2009 TX summer 2010

True Stories: Amityville Horror and The Exorcist - FIVE/ Smithsonian Producer/ Director highly atmospheric HD documentaries exploring the real stories that inspired to the most infamous horror movies of all times. . Unique interviews, extracts from the original diaries kept by the priests and high end drama shot on prime lens with additional swing tilt use help bring to life both of these disturbing stories set in small town America. Modern neuroscience provides the alternative explanation for the seemingly inexplicable events. Blink Films 2009

The Teens’ Speech – Barnardo’s Advertising Campaign, Director. Official honouree 2010 Webby Awards, Online Film. One Show Merit Winner 2010 - Interactive. Director HD film for multi platform project/ broadcast. Opinion led documentary for the ground breaking Teens' Speech project. Frank interviews challenging media stereotypes are interwoven with spoken word poetry. The short film launched on Christmas Day as an alternative to the Queen’s Speech. Poke 

Stranger Than Fiction: Death in the Deep Freeze - FIVE/ National Geographic Producer/ Director. This HD science documentary uses observational and stylized techniques to explore the scientific feasibility of cryonic suspension and the ethical debate surrounding this controversial pursuit of life extension. The story is told from a unique perspective; we follow a terminally ill woman during her last few months alive before watching her body go through the procedure; the first time that cameras have been allowed to film the process. Zig Zag

Extraordinary Dolphins/ Dogs/ Pigs/ Ravens - FIVE/ BBC Worldwide Producer/ Director 4 x HD documentaries examining current research projects into the extraordinary cognitive range and senses of these animals. Blink Films

I Am Everyone - Director HD short film Orange Commercial Campaign telling the story of Mark Beaumont, who broke the Round the World cycling record. Multiplatform TX Poke London

Back From The Dead - National Geographic/ Discovery, Canada. Producer/ Director. Atmospheric HD science documentary examining the shifting definitions of clinical death brought to life with 3 case studies. Dramatisation including extensive underwater scenes, CGI and medical sets. Wall to Wall.

Underworld: Las Vegas and Underworld: Philadelphia - National Geographic/ History Channel Canada. Producer/ Director 2 x HD. With rare first hand testimony from the mafia, mafia informers and FBI agents interwoven with drama re-enactment and archive, this is the inside story of the mafia underworld in Philadelphia and Las Vegas. Wall to Wall. 

The Truth Behind the Moon Landings - FIVE/ National Geographic/ Discovery CA, BFI cinema release 2009 40th anniversary Apollo 11 landing. Producer/ Director, 1 x 50 minute science documentary debunks conspiracy theories surrounding the Apollo missions. Experiments with original NASA equipment and lunar samples are backed up with first hand testament, archive and experiments set against a lunar sound stage created in the Mojave Desert. Interviewees include Buzz Aldrin, Sir Patrick Moore and key NASA employees. Zig Zag/ Alliance Atlantis.

Extraordinary People: The Girl Whose Muscles Turned to Bone, FIVE/ TLC Producer/ Director, This intimate observational documentary follows a bubbly young girl with a very rare genetic disease that slowly turns all muscle and connecting tissue to new bone, creating a second skeleton, as she faces the future with her mother. We also meet two other sufferers in advanced stages. I conceived and fully developed the film through to commission. Zig Zag.

The Day That James Dean Died - FIVE/ National Geographic, Discovery Canada 50th Anniversary HD Special. Producer/ Director, we reveal little known biographical details of James Dean the racing driver and the cars he loved. With the help of modern day crash analysis, we also examine discrepancies in the coroner’s inquest following his death. Both the accident and post crash carnage are re – created with full scale stunts and props. Zig Zag.

Penguins Under Siege – 1 x 90 writer and edit producer, blue chip HD wildlife film set in South Africa following the lives of a pair of African Black Footed Penguins from hatchlings to adulthood, set against the backdrop of the Skeleton Coast. Parthenon Entertainment.

Extreme... FIVE Links Director/ Writer 6 x 50 minute presenter led series; Presenters include Richard Branson, Nigel Marvin, Simon Weston, Eddie Irvine and Ian Macaskill. Zig Zag

Outbreak; Bio – Terror - Discovery 1 x 50 minute Producer/ Director. An examination of diseases utilised in biological warfare and the likely consequences of an attack. The US Anthrax attacks, a futuristic scenario of a smallpox outbreak developed by a US terrorism expert and a natural outbreak of the plague in India illustrate the impact of fear in a population. CGI enhances the drama both inside and outside the body. Wall to Wall/ Alliance Atlantis.

DIY Surgery TLC & Channel 5. Producer/ Director 1 x documentary looking at stories of self-surgery and improvised surgery in survival situations. D.I.Y. Births, Discovery Health. Series Producer/ Director 3 x 50 minute human interest series about women and unassisted birth. Filmed on location in Africa, Australia, Korea, Hawaii and North America. Zig Zag Productions/ Alliance Atlantis.

The Gene Hunters - National Geographic. Producer/ Director A look at ground breaking genetic science projects across the globe. Topics covered include The Gene Ark, one scientist’s work to preserve endangered species by using cloning, freezing and in-vitro techniques and DNApe, the difference in genetic expression between man and our closest relative, the chimpanzee. Café Productions/ Cineflix Canada.