Day Zero, Environmental Feature Documentary for SVoD and limited theatrical release. I directed this ambitious 80 min film shot all over the world exploring the growing impact of water scarcity amplified by climate change and population growth. Ultimately the film comes back to nature’s ecosystems and why we need them to protect the future of the planet. Keo Films 2018.

Earth’s Natural Wonders, BBC2, Series 2 - Location Director India segments. The story of human / elephant wildlife conflict among Assam’s tea plantations. Domesticated ‘Kunkie' elephants and their mahouts backed up by anti depredation squads are used to drive wild elephants away from villages and crops. Much of the action happens in highly volatile conditions at night, making this an extremely challenging and at times dangerous shoot in difficult terrain. The use of the latest night filming techniques captured the action. In Tamil Nadu, I filmed a rural community initiative project run by the Irula, following a husband and wife team as they catch by hand the most venomous snakes in India. The snakes are milked for their venom before being released. TX 2018

Working Title NDA Amazon Studios Development Producer/ Director Developing the final episode outlines for an ambitious 8 part animal documentary series. The series combines intimate stories of first hand experiences in epic locations alongside animal cognition studies. Nutopia June – Sept 2017

From Cubs to Kings, Terra Mater/ Animal Planet Producer/ Director 1 x 60 following the rescue of two abused lion cubs from Spain and their journey to South Africa to live out their days with ‘lion whisperer’ Kevin Richardson. Shot over 2 years we followed the trials and tribulations as the cubs recovered from their ordeal and learn to ‘become lions’. Through their story, the film also touches on the unethical abuse of wild animals in the tourist petting industry and illegal wildlife trade. I developed, produced and directed the film oversaw supplementary crews and led the offline to final post delivery. Commissioned through Kingdom Films, an independent company I formed with conservationist Kevin Richardson to film his work with predators. 2014 – 2017. TX 2017

Water Worlds 3D Giant Screen Development Producer/ Promo Location Director for a 3D theatrical natural history film, exploring life in freshwater across three continents. I oversaw the development of the budgets, the promo, technical recce's and story development and directed a highly technical and ambitious caving shoot in China. Passion Planet 2015.

Killer IQ: Lion vs. Hyena, Smithsonian, Terra Mater, DNi Series Producer/ Director 2 x 60 films. This ambitious series explores social behaviour in lions and hyenas, two apex predators that share the same habitat but have strikingly different behaviour and physical traits. Ground breaking cognition trials and puzzles are interwoven with natural history footage. This highly ambitious series features world first trials led by leading wildlife behaviourists and ecologists. I also fully developed this series and oversaw the entire edit to delivery. Commissioned through Kingdom Films, a company I set up with predator conservationist Kevin Richardson. TX 2015. European Science TV and New Media Festival & Awards 2015: Best TV Documentary


Meerkats - Secrets of an Animal Superstar, Natural World BBC2 1 x 60 Producer/ Director, Wildlife documentary exploring 20 years of behavioural research into these charismatic and entertaining mammals. Filmed over the course of a year, this documentary combines blue chip natural history behaviour and observational sequences of field trials and interviews set in the stunning Kalahari desert. I directed the film and took it through the edit to fine cut delivery. Oxford Scientific Films 2012 – 2013.

Development Shoot Gabon  Shooting director In August 2013 I spent a month living in a remote corner of Gabon filming various wildlife ideas. Daily encounters with forest elephants and great apes on foot and no running water or electricity made for a challenging but incredible experience. Kingdom Films 

Lions on the Move, Terra Mater/ Smithsonian - Producer/ Director 2 x 60 predator behaviorist and conservationist Kevin Richardson is tasked with moving 27 lions, 14 hyenas and four black leopards to a new sanctuary. See how these wild animals are prepared for their new lives in a new reserve and follow Kevin's fight to gain the right permits before the animals eventually arrive in their new home. I developed, produced and directed this series right through the edit to the final delivery. Commissioned through Kingdom Films, an independent company I formed with predator conservationist Kevin Richardson. 2011/ 2012

The Lion Ranger Producer/ Director 3 x 60 Nat Geo Wild Kevin Richardson's radical approach means he has an astonishing personal bond with the lions he raised. He is able to immerse himself in their prides, sleep curled up with them, swim with lionesses and walk them into the wild. This exciting and touching series takes viewers on a journey to the stunning African wilderness, giving them an exclusive insight into the life of the real Lion Whisperer. I directed all three episodes and oversaw the edit of 2 episodes. Renegade Pictures 2011

Monsters of the Mind (WT) 3 x 60 Animal Planet US Development producer of a science series looking at sleep and brain disorders that trigger hallucinations. The series also explores phylogenetics, where dreaming is directly related to evolution and self -defence instincts needed to survive in our waking lives Firecracker Films 2010

The Python Hunters, Nat Geo Wild USA 3 x 60 Development Producer, commissioned obs doc series set in the Everglades following a group of reptile experts as they hunt down Burmese Pythons, an invasive species causing havoc. Cineflix Productions 2009 TX summer 2010

Extraordinary Dolphins/ Extraordinary Dogs/ Extraordinary Pigs/ Extraordinary Ravens - FIVE/ BBC Worldwide Producer/ Director 4 x 30 examining current research projects into the extraordinary cognitive range and senses of these animals. Blink Films

Penguins Under Siege 1 x 90 writer and edit producer, blue chip HD wildlife film set in South Africa following the lives of a pair of African Black Footed Penguins from hatchlings to adulthood, set against the backdrop of the Skeleton Coast. Parthenon Entertainment.\

The Gene Hunters - National Geographic. Producer/ Director A look at ground breaking genetic science projects across the globe. Topics covered include The Gene Ark, one scientist’s work to preserve endangered species by using cloning, freezing and in-vitro techniques and DNApe, the difference in genetic expression between man and our closest relative, the chimpanzee. Café Productions/ Cineflix Canada.